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call to artists

The collection of painted cows is thought and dedicated to open opportunities to all artists in each city, and along the years, it has turned into a real competition among the best and most brilliant artists around the world.

Painters (some recognized, others only beginners) designers, architects or even fine art students all are invited to participate in this open call of artists, sending your submission and design on paper to CowParade.

The cow Designs on paper will be selected by a group of local art experts that form the Selection Committee. These selected designs will make up the Official Cow Parade Portfolio.

Send your application and your design to:

Energy Splash – Portugal
Rua Mouzinho da Silveira n.27 1.A
1250-166 Lisboa

Would you like to be a CowParade artist?

Candidatura_Nacional_Anexo A_V4.doc
Candidatura_Nacional_Anexo B_V4.ppt


(requires Abobe's Acrobat Reader)


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